First and foremost, joining the branch and standing together with colleagues and friends will help standardise working conditions for all, giving everyone a stronger voice together to help improve pay and create a more equal and inclusive working environment.


The union has already begun to provide a platform for our working community, where we can discuss work related topics and share information with members regarding meetings and events.

If you are already a Bectu Member, join the Slack channels here


Bectu can provide Professional Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Cover for an additional £40 per year.

Bectu will cover legal fees of their members for workplace discrimination, unfair dismissal and other issues. Bectu also has a free legal advice service which could be helpful for late payment disputes and other financial problems.

Their website is a useful resource too with advice on a wide range of topics such pensions, health and safety and specialist training offering online and in person courses and seminars.

Discounts & Offers

30% off orders & 15% off consumables with a valid Bectu Membership card

Luminary Lighting are happy to offer 10% discount on replacement parts for lighting repairs for our members!

For a small fee (approx. £26 for 3 years) you are entitled to a TOTUM Pro card which will give you access to up to 10% off Apple, 10% off at Co-Op and many other discounts with 250 other restaurants and brands online and on the high street.

As a member of Bectu you are entitled to offers and discounts with their Prospect Plus scheme online. These include: discount at Apple, travel insurance, tax return services, airport parking, gym membership, foreign exchange services, leisure activities and much more.

10% Discount with a valid Bectu Membership card


We have a number of accountants who are happy to offer good rates on consultations or a full range of services to help at every stage of your business. From registering as self-employed to starting a limited company it's useful to have access to an accountant who understands the world of commercial photography. 

If you're looking for assistance with your finances please send the branch an email or reach out on the slack.

The Bectu Photographic Technicians Branch is a recently formed Trade Union for Lighting and Digital Technicians working within the photographic industry. 

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